A new music video for Harrison Tare Okiri, a.k.a. Harrysong, a Nigerian artist, has created a stir on social media.

The musician, who made fun of his former label president, posted a video of himself and other women dressed like Catholic nuns. It has already gone viral.

They accompanied the vocalist while wearing nun’s garb.


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The “Reggae Blues” crooner mentioned in the image’s caption that they will be having a feast on Friday, but he did not provide further details.

In addition, he had on white sneakers, short pants, and a black jacket. The performer put his arms clasped in front of him, like he had just received communion from a Catholic church. His marriage is in danger.

The controversial post was preceded by a post in which he shared the artwork for his upcoming single, “Maria.” In the video, he had some nuns sing his song.

Reactions to the singer’s video have been seen. Listed here are a few of the remarks:

@mazi_weaalth: “Harrysong don go buy inck this is a banga I swear.”

@official_mcmackenzie: “Wow I love the song like mad.”

@official_whytesnow: “Right about now.”

@frankdapsalm: “Just to be relevant??? Smh.”

@militarystunner: “Big name.”

@jaypizzleproduction: “This song remind me of ibu.”

@tonytipon: “I’m not catholic but, you truly need to respect people’s beliefs, using one of their doctrines to create a circular sound doesn’t just seat well…you went ahead to rubbish their sisterhood order.”

@obiwale: “Na this kind of video they make me proud sey Abi Christian, we are to calm sha.”

@gideon_unah: “But guy at your age you suppose don get sense, like how is this even creativity? Ur mate de try build life with GOD, and you de tarnish the image and you think it’s all a joke, I blame who still de listen to Ur music, no be u I blame at all.”