Promise Kelvin Anagbogu, a.k.a. Lord Lamba, a Nigerian comedian, has responded to the controversy his acts caused on social media when his babymama and reality TV star Queen Atang got engaged.

Gistlover claims that the reality TV actress made headlines in 2022 after giving birth to a baby girl. A conversation between Queen and a doctor was posted online, which sparked rumors that Nigerian comedian Lord Lamba was the child’s father.

But at the time, neither Lord Lamba nor the reality TV star acknowledged their romantic relationship.


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Unexpectedly, Lord Lamba posted pictures of himself and his child on his Instagram profile just hours after Queen said she was engaged to her longtime partner, David.

In response to the backlash on social media, Lord Lamba stated in a private discussion posted on relationship guru Wale Jana’s Instagram page that the online activity was sparked by rumors about the child’s paternity.

The comedian refuted the claims that he was trying to prevent Queen from being happy, highlighting his long-standing desire to keep his private affairs—including those of his family—secret.

In addition, Lord Lamba vows to raise her daughter well even after they part ways with the Queen.

He said, “There were rumours saying this child was for her husband to be they thought it was lordlamba because of her engagement. So I posted my child to let people know that she is my child, with the caption of her full name, I have always wanted my personal life private, which includes my family, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been a father figure to my baby girl even if things didn’t work out for both of us that doesn’t mean she is a bad person or I’m the bad person, but all I want is a proper upbringing for princess, it’s not her fault the mom and dad are not together so we owe that child the best life ever.”