The partner, whose girlfriend was used by artist Omah Lay on stage, has no right to be upset and dissatisfied about it, according to a Nigerian woman.

Famous Nigerian performer Omah Lay ignited a social media fire after seducing a man’s girlfriend through sensual dancing.

People were incensed, and some expressed contrasting views about what had happened, while others related comparable experiences.


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Benita, a Nigerian girl on X, feels that since they are just dating and not married, the guy has no right to be upset.

She continued by saying that because Omah Lay is a celebrity, other ladies would act similarly if they were in her shoes.

Written by Benita

“Her man has no right to be angry, they are only dating and not married,every lady will gladly do this with Omah lay ,na celebrity we dey talk o ,you all should stop acting like hypocrite,we pretend too much in this country”